Just as achieving the NYDF goals is a joint effort, assessing progress towards the NYDF goals requires collaboration among a multitude of organizations. A growing number of civil society groups and research institutions have come together to form the NYDF Assessment Coalition, with the collective aim of promoting transparency and encouraging progress towards the NYDF.

The NYDF Assessment Coalition draws on the expertise of diverse partners to provide scientific and independent assessments that combined provide a more complete and robust picture of total progress. The network of partners will create a coordinated front for research, outreach and advocacy and will together form a powerful coalition that is stronger than the sum of its parts. Atpresent, many organizations collect data, report and push for change on specific NYDF goals or otherray ban outlet aspects relevant for the NYDF.

Current partners include:

If you are interested in becoming an NYDF Assessment Coalition Partner, please contact us for more information.