What is the NYDF Global Platform?

The NYDF Global Platform aims to increase ambition, forge new partnerships, and accelerate progress on the NYDF goals.

The NYDF Platform catalyzes strong and unique multi-stakeholder partnerships between governments, Indigenous Peoples and local communities, civil society, and companies, fostering transformative collaboration and providing implementation support for the achievement of the NYDF goals.

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If you are interested in endorsing and you meet the criteria included below, please fill out the Endorsement Interest form.

Please note that in order to endorse, you must represent a(n):

> National or subnational government ministry, department, and/or agency.
>Company or financial institution.
>Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities’s organization
>Non-governmental organization.

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How does the NYDF Global Platform support endorsers and key partners?

The NYDF Platform helps to ensure that global pledges to halt deforestation and the findings of the NYDF Progress Assessment result in actions at different levels through the following activities:
1. Accelerate global action on forest commitments by renewing and strengthening the NYDF partnership and other forest and climate initiatives.
2. Support endorsers and other partners to advance regional and national implementation of their pledges.
3. Ensure accountability by providing feedback and guidance informed by scientifically rigorous analysis to endorsers and partners.

History of the NYDF Global Platform

The NYDF Platform was founded in 2017 in response to NYDF endorsers’ requests for a dedicated, multi-stakeholder platform to re-invigorate political endorsement of the NYDF, to facilitate coordination and communication, to share best practices, resources and lessons, and to support ongoing monitoring of progress. The Secretariat for the NYDF Global Platform is provided by the United Nations Development Programme, in partnership with the Meridian Institute and Climate Advisers. The NYDF Platform operates separately from the NYDF Progress Assessment, which is coordinated by Climate Focus.

Learn more about how the two initiatives behind the NYDF - the NYDF Global Platform and the NYDF Progress Assessment - work together to inspire progress toward forest conservation, restoration, and sustainable use:
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