2017 Goal 2 assessment

Published: November 29, 2017

Key Messages

  • New data show that the number of corporate commitments to reduce deforestation driven by agricultural commodity supply chains continues to grow. Yet, their scope and ambition remain variable.
  • Though reporting requirements and transparency efforts are improving, companies still face challenges tracing commodities to the source.
  • Collaborative civil society initiatives, such as the Accountability Framework, seek to harmonize definitions and develop tools that enable commitments to be implemented and monitored.
  • Jurisdictional and landscape approaches indicate actors’ willingness to collaboratively address the issue of deforestation in supply chains, while a number of pilot programs hold promise for the sustainable transformation of the agricultural sector.

Further Resources

2017 Goal 2 assessment
2017 Goal 2 assessment [Low Resolution]
2017 Goal 2 assessment [Low Resolution]