2019 Goal 1 assessment

Published: November 28, 2019

Key Messages

  • In 2018, tropical tree cover loss and associated carbon emissions decreased for the second year in a row after the record highs observed in 2016. In Indonesia, primary forest loss dropped to its lowest rate since 2003, continuing a decline that started in 2017.
  • Despite this recent progress, we are still not on track to meet Goal 1’s target of halving natural forest loss globally by 2020. Instead, the average annual global gross tree cover loss has been higher in the years following the adoption of the New York Declaration on Forests (NYDF) (2014-2018), increasing by 43 percent or 7.8 million hectares per year (Mha/yr) compared to a 2001-13 baseline. In humid tropical primary forests, detection of annual tree cover loss has been 44 percent higher per year in the years following the NYDF (1.3 Mha/yr greater) compared to a 2002-13 baseline.
  • We are also not on track to achieve targeted reductions of carbon dioxide emissions from tropical tree cover loss. Average annual emissions since the signing of the NYDF are 57 percent higher than before the NYDF was signed, increasing from 3.0 to 4.7 gigatons of CO2 per year.

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2019 Goal 1 assessment [Low Resolution]