2019 Goal 10 assessment

Published: November 2, 2019

Key Messages

  • Improvements in forest governance remain too slow to adequately support efforts to reduce deforestation. Forest governance is weakest in poorer countries, where institutions and the rule of law tend to be weak overall.
  • Illegality drives deforestation. The risk that forest-related laws are violated in the production of commodities remains alarmingly high, especially in areas where commercial agriculture is causing significant forest loss.
  • Many countries have strong laws on paper, particularly regarding access to information and justice, but these are often inadequately implemented.
  • Progress in recognizing the rights of indigenous peoples and other local communities to their lands and resources remains slow, and a significant share of community lands remains unrecognized.

Further Resources

2019 Goal 10 assessment
2019 Goal 10 assessment [Low Resolution]
2019 Goal 10 assessment [Low Resolution]