Recommendations for governments from the 2021 NYDF Assessment Report

Published: October 12, 2021

Forests are an opportunity for climate change mitigation that countries cannot afford to miss. The NYDF Assessment Partners call on governments to radically shift gears to realize forests’ mitigation potential globally.

There is no silver bullet – multiple strategies that work complementarily are required to protect, restore and sustainably manage forests. In addition to clarifying and increasing their ambition and aligning investment flows with forest and climate goals, countries need to improve update and strengthen their economic and policy approach to realize the full potential of forests for climate mitigation.

In this excerpt from the 2021 NYDF Assessment report on Goal 7 we provide recommendations for the six strategies that governments need to implement:

  • Strengthening forest and land use governance
  • Recognizing and securing the rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities
  • Aligning incentives with forest climate goals
  • Promoting multistakeholder collaboration as part of jurisdictional approaches
  • Ensuring robust forest monitoring and accounting
  • Expanding demand-side measures of governments that import forest-risk commodities

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Recommendations for governments from the 2021 NYDF Assessment Report