Off track and falling behind: Tracking progress toward 2030 forest goals

WE ARE IN A CRISIS: The world remains off track to reach the goals of halting and reversing deforestation and forest degradation by 2030. Countries simply cannot sustain their "business-as-usual" exploitation and destruction of forests. The latest Forest Declaration Assessment report provides a comprehensive analysis of the state of global forest action - and what must be done to reverse course.

New data platform: The Glasgow Leaders' Declaration Dashboard

Presenting a visual display of progress against the Articles of the Glasgow Leaders' Declaration, the Dashboard draws on the findings of the 2023 Forest Declaration Assessment and Systems Change Lab.

Currently in a beta-version with more indicators forthcoming, the Dashboard provides detailed updates on progress made by countries to meet their goals to protect and restore forests and land by 2030.

NEW SPECIAL REPORT: Protecting Nature, Respecting Rights

Biodiversity conservation targets cannot be met without Indigenous Peoples and local communities. But so far, countries are not sufficiently engaging these communities in their national biodiversity strategies.

Our brand new Special Report reveals the results of assessing 27 countries' NBSAPs against 12 indicators of engagement of Indigenous Peoples and local communities.