The NYDF Platform welcomes the Glasgow Declaration and affirms the need for urgent forest action

The endorsers of the Glasgow Declaration are invited to utilize the mutlistakeholder network and holistic framework of the NYDF as we shift from commitments to collective action.

/ November 2, 2021

The NYDF Platform welcomes the Glasgow Leaders' Declaration on Forests and Land Use as a reaffirmation of the global goal to halt deforestation by 2030, as reflected in existing commitments like the New York Declaration on Forests.

We affirm the need for high ambition and urgent action to turn the tide on deforestation and achieve this target. And we welcome the endorsers of the Glasgow Declaration to utilize the NYDF network as we shift from commitments to collective action. The NYDF offers ten goals as a framework to turn these commitments into reality and a multi-stakeholder community to support implementation and accountability.

  • In 7 years of tracking progress toward the New York Declaration on Forests’ 2030 target of ending deforestation (backed by 40 national governments and adopted in 2014 at the UN Secretary General’s Climate Summit), the NYDF Assessment has consistently found that the world is not on track to meeting the 2030 target: Forest loss has gone up rather than down; Forest restoration is progressing very slowly; Finance for forests covers only a small fraction of what is needed to save and restore forests. The world is far from realizing the full potential of forests as an essential climate solution.
  • In the most recent report the NYDF Assessment finds promising examples of progress, including cases where deforestation has been successfully reduced. We know the solutions needed to save and enhance forests, yet efforts still remain confined to a small niche and are often trumped by other short-term economic interests. Many decision-makers still shy away from the blunt reforms needed to achieve sustainable land use and consumption.
  • The Glasgow Declaration reaffirms and strengthens the commitment to stop deforestation by 2030, rallying many more Leaders behind this important goal and making unprecedented financing pledges. But now we have no time to lose to translate old and new commitments into concrete actions.
  • We welcome the endorsers of the Glasgow Declaration into the fold of forest action. We have no time to waste.  Together, let’s build a world where forests and people grow together.