2018 Goal 9 assessment

Published: November 1, 2018

Key Messages

There has been little new data on finance for forests or development related to Goal 9 since our 2017 NYDF Progress Assessment, which found that:

• Bilateral and multilateral initiatives have been piloting operational details to inform REDD+ implementation and results-based payments, but most tropical forest countries are still in the process of setting up relevant systems and policies to access results-based finance.

• Almost one third of commitments from multilateral and bilateral institutions for resultsbased REDD+ finance had been disbursed – mostly to Brazil.

• Jurisdictional approaches are nascent, but hold potential for accelerating action around sustainable supply chains and scaling up efforts.

Our 2018 Goal 9 assessment finds:

• Little progress had been made since 2017 and public payments remain in the beginning stages of rewarding programs that reduce emissions caused by forest loss or degradation. Incentives remain small compared to finance needs.

• The number of countries advancing in major results-based funding pipelines remains low. Eleven countries – up from six – have advanced to the finance stage of approval by the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility Carbon Fund, but a large number of countries remain stuck in the pipeline.

Further Resources

2018 Goal 9 assessment
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2018 Goal 9 assessment [Low Resolution]