The 10 Goals of the NYDF

Explore the most recent and past assessment of progress on each of the goals below.

End natural forest loss

End the loss and degradation of natural forests by 2030.

Eliminate deforestation from agricultural commodities

Reach the private sector goal of eliminating deforestation from the production of agricultural commodities well before 2030, recognizing that many companies have even more ambitious targets.

Reduce deforestation from infrastructure and extractive industries

Significantly reduce deforestation and degradation derived from infrastructure development and extractive industries well before 2030.

Support alternative livelihoods

Support alternatives to deforestation driven by activities such as, subsistence farming and reliance on fuel wood for energy, in ways that reduce poverty and promote sustainable and equitable development that is inclusive of women, youth, and Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities.

Restore forests

Increase global restoration of degraded landscapes and forestlands to restore and maintain 350 million hectares of landscapes and forestlands by 2030.

Anchor forests in the SDGs

Support the implementation of actions to achieve forest targets within the Sustainable Development Goals.

Reduce emissions in accordance with global climate agreement

Reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation as part of the implementation of the Paris Agreement, in accordance with the goal of not exceeding 1.5C warming.

Provide finance for forest action

Provide support for the development and implementation strategies and activities to reduce forest emissions.

Reward results by countries and jurisdictions

Reward countries and jurisdictions that, by taking action, reduce forest emissions and conserve and enhance forests – particularly through public policies to scale-up payments for verified emission reductions and private-sector sourcing of commodities.

Strengthen governance and empower communities

Strengthen forest governance, transparency, and the rule of law while empowering and recognizing the rights of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities, women, and youth, especially the rights pertaining to their lands and resources.