Goal 1: Stop forest loss

At least halve the rate of loss of natural forests globally by 2020 and strive to end natural forest loss by 2030

Goal 1

Goal 7: Reduce emissions in accordance with global climate agreement

Agree in 2015 to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation as part of a post-2020 global climate agreement, in accordance with internationally agreed rules and consistent with the goal of not exceeding 2°C warming

Goal 1

Goal 8: Provide finance for forest action

Provide support for the development and implementation of strategies to reduce forest emissions.

Goal 9: Reward results by countries and jurisdictions

Reward countries and jurisdictions that, by taking action, reduce forest emissions – particularly through public policies to scale up payments for verified emissions reductions and private-sector sourcing of commodities

Goal 10: Strengthen governance and empower communities

Strengthen forest governance, transparency, and the rule of law, while also empowering communities and recognizing the rights of indigenous peoples, especially those pertaining to their lands and resources